Blending the lines of music with BLY

Sydney duo BLY have done something you probably wouldn’t expect, they’ve managed to use a vast range of influences such as Radiohead, Chet Faker and J Dilla and turn it into something quite magical. 

Not limited to a certain style, BLY love to blur the lines, and have done so successfully with their latest track ‘Rosey.’ We chat to the lads about what we can expect from their EP due to drop in July, what their latest track ‘Rosey’ means and their influences bring out their eclectic vibe.  

Tell us about the EP you guys will drop in July.

Our coming EP definitely has more depth to it, we're drawing from a few more places than our single. We love music, at the end of the day what we want is to have fun making tunes that people might positively respond to.

You guys blur the lines between electro and trip-hop, what inspired you to go that way?

At no time during the writing of ‘Rosey' did we sit down and talk about anything genre specific... so I guess you could say we were subconsciously inspired by great musicians. We both listen to a lot of different stuff so there was always gonna be some kind of eclectic vibe.

It's not too often you see Radiohead, Chet Faker, J Dilla mixed together as influences for an artist, could you care to elaborate?

We didn't want to limit ourselves. There’s so much music around that blends the lines between so many genres. Plus, they really did inspire our taste and approach to songwriting.

You just dropped ‘Rosey,’ tell us about it. 

Ben and I were hanging with a few friends of ours when he caught me singing along to one of his tracks in the background. He sent it to me, we shot some ideas out and a few days later 'Rosey' was sitting on our desktop. We both have recording studios so everything you hear on the track was done by us, including the mastering and all that. It was a lot of fun and we have been working on music since. 

How did you guys both meet?

In an elevator.

What does BLY stand for?

We were being really creative one day and came up with this idea, BEN + OLLY = BLY. 

Do you guys remember the first song you heard that made you want to get into music?

Sail to the Moon - Radiohead, most songs since ’91.