The fresh execution of the Ansah Brothers

Credit: Michelle Grace Hunter

The hip-hop scene in Australia has just got real, and there are two brothers that are determined to make their mark in the new culture and they go by Ansah brothers. The brothers Citizen Kay and Genesis have been around the scene individually for a while, and now they’ve joined forces to create something quite magical. They’ve just released ‘Polaroid’ mixtape, and the chemistry between the two flow so smoothly it’s hard to not be in awe of their music. 

We chat to the Ansah brothers about what it’s like working as brothers, why they think the Australian hip-hop scene is afraid and what we can expect from the duo. Margaret Tra writes. 

What’s it like working as brothers?

Kay - It's pretty easy to be honest. There aren't really any formalities, At this point it's really just about the two of us laying down some rhymes on hip-hop beats for nothing except the love of it and to help us grow as artists and writers. 

Genesis - We know things. It's like that old "twins know what the other twin is thinking" thing but less creepy. We kinda know how the other works and how we can work off their energy and tone. Other duos have to find their chemistry but ours was already in the biology

Also we live in the same house so things can get done ASAP Rocky; if one of us has an idea we just have to walk to the other end of the hall and wake the other guy up, and lay it down. 

What is going to be different being in a duo, in comparison to being solo artists? 

Kay - For me any sort of collaboration is a good dynamic to have. I guess with us, we're pretty different with our approach to ‘hip-hop' when solo; almost on other ends of the scale from one another most of the time. Coming together brings those two ends to the middle which I love the most about it all. Plus of course being brothers there's always a little sibling competition which just brings out the best in the both of us; makes sure we're putting our best foot forward on every track!

Genesis - The execution of your style has to be completely matched and balanced with the execution of your counterpart's style - the mixing of the two distinct styles that we've already separately become familiar with creates something new and wild that we've got to tame as a duo. And live shows are way more fun with other people

Tell us what the Ansah brothers means to you guys

Kay - It means a way to expand and express in a slightly different light, a way to improve ourselves and most of all it's a bond as brothers - our shared love of music helps to keep us pretty tight as brothers and joining forces through our own talents only tightens that bond even more.

Genesis - Rap game. Naruto and Sasuke!

You bring a kind of hip hop that Australia needs, why do you think we still have gaps within the industry?

Kay - I think it's because a lot of people are afraid to really explore more/deeper lyrical content and musical styles. There's too much pressure to conform to one lane and there are always people who, consciously or subconsciously, push artists to conform in a way, to do what 'everyone else' is doing. Artists, and hip-hop artists specifically, need to be confident in what they do and shouldn't be ashamed or scared to express and explore their creativity. That's one of the things this duo does for me - it's just one other aspect/dimension of my individual creativity infused with the creativity of my little bro. 

Genesis - Hip-hop is still young. Australia is still young. Australian hip-hop is even younger. The industry hasn't got gaps per say,  rather foundations that haven't really been built upon yet. Just takes time and pioneering.

You guys have international dreams, what would be your ideal country you’d love to perform for?

Kay - I don't specifically have a country I wanna perform for. I just wanna travel with music and experience as much as possible. The worse thing an artist can do is box themselves in or ‘be’ boxed in (either creatively or where they live or whatever other way of being boxed in). The more you see and experience, the more knowledge and understanding you gain which is why international ambitions are important for me 

Genesis - US definitely, the birth place of the art and home of the majority of our influences. If you make it in America, you make it everywhere. 

What projects are you currently working on?

Kay & Gen - Well that's kind of the good thing about this Ansah Bros thing we got going on. It's very open ended and especially being so fresh into it, we only answer to ourselves. Basically we're not specifically working on a project but I'm always sparking up some new beats so things can light up almost anytime, that's how 'POLAROID' began. We never initially had any intention of making a mixtape. Began with one spontaneous song. 

What stimulates your soul?

Kay - Positive vibes; music, family & loved ones, free expression, open-mindedness, basically anything I feel can enrich me, whether spirit, physical or knowledge wise. 

Genesis - Art, trees, saxophones, the undiscovered power of the mind and thought, difference and booty. #reecegurney