Discovering Grime Royalty with Mill Major


It seems like grime used to be that kind of music you’d listen to sneakily through private radio stations. Nowadays the genre has taken new levels with artists’ such as Skepta, Mill Major and Stormzy leading the way. For those who are not familiar, Mill Major is a grime artist from North London. Well known in the grime scene as one of the originals and a reputation for dropping dirty killer tracks. 

He’s also part of a collective called ‘Bloodline,’ which can only be defined as North London’s grime royal family. Mill just dropped his latest EP ‘Bloods Thicker Than Water,’ with his track ‘Original Bloodline’ dubbed one of the biggest tracks of the year so far, from aristocrats of the grime scene.

We chat to Mill Major about his collective working with Skepta, how grime has changed for the better and how he transitioned from garage to grime. Margaret Tra. 

You're the founding member of Bloodline, can you tell us about it?

Yeah basically were a grime/hip hop collective from the UK that has a solid foundation in North London...In a nutshell we're the ‘Grime Royal family!’

Original Bloodline is a track off your upcoming EP, can we expect the rest of the EP to be as much as a killer as this track?

Yes of course! Wait till you hear it you'll know that I'm not gassing the ting. (Laughs)

The other members of Bloodline have had a track with Skepta, can you tell us how that came about?

Yeah, Bloodline and Boy Better Know used to be one crew before which was called "Meridian Crew" so they've been good friends from then. The tracks called 'Wristbands' by Bossman Birdie Ft Skepta & Meridian Dan, make sure you buy that when it drops!

We don't have much grime here in Australia, do you think it is growing?

Yeah definitely I remember when we used to only be on illegal/pirate radio now it's got big investors, flossy videos, we're on TV, national radio and everything! It's a blessing. Not to mention the fact that grime is crossing over the Atlantic now as well...

How did you get into grime?

I was a listening to garage at the time of its transition into grime. But I felt like I could relate to grime more than garage, started out on pirate radio in a crew called Cold Blooded w/ Scorcher and then joined Bloodline and it’s been history from there!

Is North London the hub of Grime?

I wouldn't say that, I would just say there are a lot of talented people from North London and a lot of the key foundational players from here so it might seem that way now. 

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‘Bloods Thicker Than Water EP’ on iTunes

‘Original Bloodline’ Ft Bossman Birdie, Paper Pabs & Moloego (usic video)