Adrian Younge is the king of cinematic production


As we enter the world of producer Adrian Younge he quickly transcends you into a cinematic fantasy utopia where he magically transforms rap into a 3D form of artistry both visually and sonically with fearless vintage production. 

In 2013 he teamed up with infamous Ghostface Killah to bring you 12 Reasons to Die Part I, and now they’ve got back together again to make a sequel which features legends such as Rza, Raekwon and Bilal due to drop 10th of July. In what Younge can only describe as a producers dream, the album was recorded entirely on analog tape to emulate the old soul and vinyl feel that we know and love, taking you into a dark twisted eerie world which unfolds within each track. 

We chat to Adrian Younge about going to the dark side in part 2, how cinematic scoring will always be around and why working Rza, Raekwon and Bilal was a producers dream. Margaret Tra writes. 

12 Reasons To Die II will be a darker one than part one, could you tell us why you guys headed towards that direction?

I wanted to create something that was more cinematic and captivating. The darkness in the plot and the compositions serve as a new driving force for the story. 

You guys have gone with the idea of working towards a cinematic approach, storytelling with more visuals by setting the scene, which is something you are great at, what was it like working with MCs on a project like this?

It's great because the various MCs all bring something special to the table. They all play characters in the plot. Their styles keep the music interesting and their narratives help to guide us to the twisted ending. 

Your background in film has been beautifully intertwined into your music, did you ever think you'd be able to achieve this in today's age?

Yes. Cinematic scoring will always be around because it is necessary to move film in a more colourful direction.

Rza, Raekwon and Bilal make an appearance, what was it like creating with such great artists?

It's a producers dream. They are three of the most interesting vocalists in the world. I'm lucky that they were even down. 

Can we expect more complex/vintage artistry from you in the future?

Hell yeah. In the near future actually. 

What Stimulates your soul?

Music that was produced between '68 and '73 stimulates my soul more than anything. I love music and there is something about that timeframe of production that really does it for me. 


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