Breaking through soul with Golden Rules

It’s been a minute since we’ve chatted to Eric Biddines and now he’s gone and collaborated with London producer Paul White becoming a soul clash duo who are switching up the game. Collectively they go by Golden Rules and have been taking names in the music industry. I  mean, it’s not everyday Yasiin Bey jumps onto your track either, which goes to show the incredible talent that the duo create. Their album ‘Golden Ticket’ was also graciously dubbed album of the day by BBC 6. 

We chat to Eric about how his life has changed since linking up with Paul White, what it was like to have Yasiin Bey jump on a track and how Sade will be on the top of the list for their next feature. Margaret Tra writes. 

You guys have been performing loads, how’s that been going?

Going great actually, the feedback and energy we receive from the audience is special. On top of that I think we're both excited to capture our in studio chemistry in a live format. It's a creative high for sure.

BBC 6 named your Golden Ticket, album of the day, what was that like?

It's an honour to be apart of that celebration. To have an entire day dedicated to a body of work we all put our souls into is very flattering. We cant thank the BBC platform enough.

What’s the story behind the name Golden Ticket?

We feel like we take you some place special when you experience this album, from the instrumentation to the lyrics. It's a rich journey and the album itself is access to that trip. When you get your Golden Ticket you're granted positive vibes. 

Eric we’ve featured you on SYS before so good to see you have teamed up with Paul, how has life changed for you since teaming up with Paul?

Changed a lot, I've learned so much about myself as a creator and person. And it don't hurt that half of the work load is out off on Paul so I can drink tea in his garden while he mix beats. (Laughs) I'm positive we've both grown as individuals.

Yasiin Bey did a guest spot on your track, what was your first thoughts when you heard his name even being suggested to work with you guys?

Thanks to Alex Chase our Manager and Ben our publisher they made the presentation possible. To have Yasiin listen was a treat. For him to agree and lay a verse was a privilege. We are both selective about features as it is so to get your first choice on wax made it that more meaningful. 

I read you want to get Sade on your next album, how’s that coming along? 

At the moment we haven't had our team reach out. To be honest there’s a lot we want to accomplish before jumping in that boat. Any interaction with Sade can't fall short of perfect. But it's at the top of our Golden list!

What stimulates your soul?

Life, blue skies, positive energy and obviously making music. As of now the release of Golden Ticket has been an incredible soul stimulator.