Unravelling Alternative Soul Duo MMG

New kids on the block Mitch and Mike Gordon, better known as MMG have released a seductive new track that has put them in the future soul game.

The duo are actually twins and they take on their music with delicious vocals and emotive storytelling. A combination that is not unusual for the pair. Drawing inspiration from Stevie wonder, John Mayer, and D’angelo, the Sydney based songwriters combine dense vocal harmonies,  synergetic guitar work, and solid grooves  to reflect the traits of their musical heroes. 

We sit down with MMG and chat about what it’s like creating music with twins, why their new track ‘Fling’ is a long time coming and what we can expect from the future. Margaret Tra writes. 

What is it like creating music as twins?

It's good and bad. We can say what we really mean and it can mostly turn constructive. But if an argument starts and we're annoyed there's not really anywhere to escape to so that kind of ends the writing session. Since we're both into the same styles of music and artists, we receive each other's ideas openly and the direction of our music is usually unanimous.

The best domestic you guys have had about music?

That's hard. We never usually fight about the music. It's more the delegation of tasks or something completely unrelated. Early on we were known to bicker during our sets at small cover gigs. But we're a little more friendly now.

You just released 'Fling' could you tell us more about that?

It's been a long time coming. We actually recorded the track at the end of last November (so almost a year ago). We started working on cruise ships and it delayed the release so we're really happy to finally have it out in the world.

What would be your best relationship advice for someone in a long distance relationship?

We're in no way experts on this but there are a few things that might have helped in hindsight.

Trust. If you can't 100% trust your partner then your mind will go crazy. Also space is important. You can't live in each other's pockets so having your own things going on really helps. Long distance can't last forever so you have to remember the end goal is to  live in the same place as one another. 

What's next on the cards for you guys? 

We're hoping to record and release the next single late December/ early January and consistently release more and more material after that. We're also starting the process of booking a national tour for March 2017. 

What Stimulates Your Soul?

Mike: Anything that takes me away from my thoughts and get me to focus on what's happening now. Usually for me it involves creativity like when I'm playing or writing music, or learning something new, but a great song or conversation can also do the trick.

Mitch: Pretty similar to Mike. It's great to get out of your own thoughts and be completely focused on something. Experiences like that where time just passes without you even noticing make me realise how much I enjoy something.