An Audio Journey with London MC Ember Phoenix

Off the back of his impressive 2015 release ‘The Cold City,’ multi-talented London rapper slash singer Ember Phoenix is continuing to make waves with his new single ‘Jodeci.’ The track, produced by ‘Beat Beast’ (the man behind Jidenna’s classic man and many other hits) invokes a mid 90’s R&B sound true to the track’s title. 

We chat to Ember Phoenix about his background in music, what it as like working with ‘Beat Beast’ and upcoming projects, Victor McMillan writes.

How do you think growing up in West London has shaped you as a person?

I'm originally from North West London, I was 16/17 when I moved to West London. It was around the time of the "post code wars" which I was oblivious to at the time because I had been quite shut off till then.  I found out quickly believe you me.

Did you always consider yourself both a rapper and a singer or did one precede the other?

I began singing in Church when I was very young maybe 4 or 5.  I started MC'ing around the time of Oxide and Neutrino and So Solid.  I only really got into rapping much later on around the time of S.A.S. And Sway who were major influences for me to transition from Grime to Hip Hop.

Your new single Jodeci references the legendary 90’s R&B group of the same name, was the mid 90’s your favourite era of R&B music?

I wouldn't say my favourite. That's a hard choice because every era has it's greats... Jodeci was definitely a stand out group to me though.

The executive producer of your 2015 release ‘The Cold City’ was Beat Beast, the producer behind Jidenna’s ‘Classic Man’, when did you first start working with him and what is it about his production that you are drawn to? 

I think we were introduced by mutual friend and producer Nyce in 2015 officially.  I had worked with him via email up until that point.  When we're in studio we just click, he respects my artistry and I respect his.  His chord progressions are some of the dopest in the game!

You recently revealed that you and Beast are set to release a joint project entitled ‘Levels’, how in your mind, will this project sound in comparison to ‘The Cold City’? 

'The Cold City' was solely my journey this far in life.  'Levels' is Beast and I challenging each other to get the dopest sounding tracks in a project without no set story line.  An audio journey of love and positivity.

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