Jamming with Melbourne Soul Collective 30/70

Sauve Melbourne soul collective 30/70 are the new kids on the block and they are already breaking musical hearts everywhere with their futuristic cosmic vibes. 30/70 fuses all your favourite genres together in the most majestic way possible with their latest release ‘Cold Radish Coma.’ 

We chat with Hazy Hicks on Bass about how 30/70 came about, what we can expect from their upcoming Re-Press Party and their love for all music. Margaret Tra writes. 

How did you guys get together?

We got together in the 3070 over a 30/70 playing some of that 3070 jazz shit the kids have been talking about thats the ratio of our swag to match the swagger of our vibes.

Melbourne seems to have an immense amount of talent there, do you guys feel supported there? 

All love down here, big vibes all around from all the people in our community. Cats like Rawhumps, thats what’s up, Senegambian Jazz Band, that what’s up, Monde Green, thats whats up, Fortunes, thats whats up Silent Jay, thats whats up, Hiatus Crew, thats whats up! And yeah heaps of talent down here, which is good you know keeps us vibing harder and more inspired to continue doing what we're doing. 

What's next for you guys?

New music, new tapes, new records, more vibes from the tribes and getting overseas, all a priority at the moment second only to jamming and playing shows.

If you could collaborate with one person who would it be?

Sun Ra Archestra! 

Is there a style of music that you guys want to incorporate in your music but have not yet?

Anything is within the realm of possibility, we love all musics.

You guys are doing a Re-press party soon, what can we expect from the show?

More of that Cold Radish Coma dank shit the kids have been talking about, thats the 30/70 flava flav, dirty gangster spiritual beats delivered with peace and love, from the astral planes, cosmic mother f**king soul music!

What stimulates your soul?

Sex, weed, love, peace, family, friends, people, places, jazz, beats, and mediation.


3 0 / 7 0 - R E P R E S S - P A R T Y DATES


21st APRIL // SLYFOX, ENMORE, SYD // w/ Triceratops and The Baldwins


29th APRIL // 107 PROJECTS // SYD 7pm w/ JK Weeks, Kid Fiction, Spirals, Levingstone

$10 - $15.


28th APRIL @ La Di Da // Canberra 9pm // $10






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