Creating soundwaves with Sydney MC Sam Hunter

Sydney MC Sam Hunter has been grinding in the scene for a minute, just recently he released a killer new EP dubbed ‘The Once A Week EP.’ Inspired by real life events and an exuberant lifestyle. Sam Hunters vision for the EP was solidified after a crazy weekend of spiritual experiences as well as house party performances in March 2017. 

We sit down with Sam and chat about what he does once a week, how he came up with the EP and why he thinks less is more.

How did you come up with the EP?

Coming up with the EP was a long creative process that entailed 3 months of living experiences. The idea came to me as I was working on a beat a week and writing down all my career highlights. As I brain stormed, songs unfolded that fit the mould of the EP. That was in April.

What's with the title name?

Less is more sometimes, I released this project over 6 weeks. Starting from the last track, I dropped a track once a week for 6 weeks exclusively on my SoundCloud.

You feature a few artists, which one did you enjoy working with? Why?

My good homie Josh Gill - A.K.A. “Guilty” was a push through the whole process. He’s not actually an MC, just a huge music lover! He and I had a blast recording “Everybody’s Asking,” it was like he was in my ear the whole time giving me ideas.  

Who are your influences?

Although my influence’s changed over the years from people such as, Common, Big L, Black thought, James Brown. Now my Green Room family influence me the most - Mirrah (energy) , Zig Parker (musically) & Nate Wade just gives me a fantastic perspective on the world. Gambino and Action Bronson have been on repeat all year. 

What do you do at least once a week?

I would like to say... spend one on one time with a beautiful woman, but that’s not true anymore I meditate at least once a week nowadays. 

What stimulates your soul?

Soundwaves, amongst other things... and when you look at somebody and they have a huge beaming smile, that’s contagious!