Getting to know US R&B singer Gabriel Clarke

We're always down for panty dropping music, especially when it's comes accompanied by old school beats. Emerging US R&B singer Gabriel Clarke first caught our musical tastebuds when we heard her on Soundcloud. Haling from Washington, the R&B songstress creates riffs in her vocals so raw you almost feel naughty listening to them. She just recently released a killer of a track called Fiona’s song which is a cover of Criminal by Fiona Apple. Whilst Gabriel is relatively new to the scene, she’s definitely our pick for the one to watch this year. 

We chat to Gabriel about how her musical journey started, she gives us a hint of when her next release will be and why she decided to change her name. Margaret Tra writes.  

How did your musical journey start? 

My musical journey started with my Grandma teaching me all the songs to the sound of music. But I started seriously pursuing music as more than a hobby about 2 years ago.

Why the name change? 

I decided that since I’m gonna be 22 this year I wanna transition into more of a grown woman type of artist and I feel as though using my actual name that my parents gave me is a good step towards the authentic direction I’m going for.

You've released Fiona's song, can you tell us about that? 

It’s a cover of Criminal by Fiona Apple, who is an artist I really like. I knew I wanted to cover the song when my friend/fellow producer found the beat I heard it and I just went right through it. 

What's next for you? 

I’m dropping a new project in February so I’m pretty excited. I’m definitely going to be doing more shows as well. 

What's one thing you wish people knew about you?

Just like everybody else on the planet I am very complicated and unique. 

I have a lot of different experiences and I think that’s why I’m able to make music that a lot of people can relate to. 

What's song is on repeat on your phone at the moment?

The Bird by Anderson Paak 

What stimulates your soul?  

What stimulates my soul is love. The love for my family, my friends, my life and my music. 

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