Unmasking Colombus Rapper Kofi Atah

When you first listen to Kofi Atah you’ll feel the essence of Chance the Rapper straight away. His flow is flawless and lyrically he’s untouchable. He’s a new wave of the independent rappers that are making a name for themselves by experimenting with hip hop. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio Kofi’s only just emerging from the hip hop scene and he's already making his mark with his latest release ‘Sparring’ featuring Jonah.

We chat to Kofi about his peanut midnight snack obsession, how Sparring reflects his emotions and struggles and what we can expect from him in the future. Margaret Tra writes.

You just released Sparring could you tell us about it?

Yes, I wrote and recorded Sparring a few months back it's really just about myself

and about how I struggle with putting up masks instead of showing how I really am and how I'm sort of fed up with it, but I know deep down it won't change but that's life I guess we all have our little mountains (laughs).

How did you first get into music?

I got into making music when I was 14 years-old, I listened through Frank Oceans Channel Orange for the first time and I remember telling myself that I wanted to make something just as comforting and whole as it. It just started from there.

You've been compared to Chance the rapper a lot, how does that feel? And was this intentional?

Honestly it's super flattering. I used to hate it but Chance is amazing I'm happy to be seen as a musical relative. It wasn't really intentional but I do listen to a lot of chance so he's definitely a big influence to me.

What's your favourite go-to quick meal to make as a midnight snack?

I am always eating peanuts. Always! (Laughs)

What's next for you?

You'll be hearing a lot more singles coming soon. I also have an EP coming this summer so stick with me haha

What stimulates your soul?

Prayer and music.

Listen to more of his music here.