Perth MC Reams Tells Us His Top 5 Australian Artists That He Looks Up To

From writing raps and recording on a Macbook in his bedroom at age 14, MC Reams is an old soul in a new era of DIY Aussie hip-hop.

With a growing catalogue of heavy-hitting and gritty tracks about drug abuse, young lives and personal addictions, Reams' ability lies in his incredibly versatile vocals and production. Perth-based artist has put forward first single ‘People,' a boom bap influenced cut with lyrics about the hyper normal realisation of the world around us.

We sit down with Reams and ask him who are his Top 5 Australian artists that he looks up to.


One of the first Perth spitters I heard when I arrived from UK. I was about 13 and everyone had all his songs on the old block phones, sending from phone to phone via bluetooth! He's a man of many talents, not just with crazy artwork but also his crazy delivery and punch you in the face style voice. STAUNCH MUSIC! Lyrics instantly grab your ears' attention with that rawness. Me and the crew would have it bumping from a phone in the local bong spots around.


The very first Aussie rapper I ever heard and I was hooked straight away. At this time I was 14-ish, roaming the streets on weekend with the lads, blasting it thru a boom box speaker I carried around with me everywhere I went. I was obsessed, running a muck through Woodvale. Whenever I hear an old Drapht track it brings back memories of being young, dumb and free to do what ever we wanted.


I think the name speaks for itself. First song I ever heard from them was when I had just moved from England to Perth and I heard "Nosebleed Section". I remember waiting all day for it to come back on and I quickly slammed in a tape and recorded that shit and had it on repeat for weeks on end! Hilltop Hoods inspire me. I dig how they change up their beats, rhyme schemes, and the crazy bridges and choruses they come up with. My mates and I always argue over who's better (as you do). I'd say Pressure takes the win, his song about "his son hit me hard" its heart-felt as fuck!

Hunter and Dazastah

"DONE DL,” bumped this from the age of 15, the album is an absolute classic. Old school-ish kicks and snares that will snap necks - I was lucky enough to have Daz teach me the basic on how to make beats when I was 17-18. From then on I was able to produce my own beats and since then have sold many. So dope to make money from what you put your heart and soul into.


Always bumped Grevis and always will, he's one funny motherfucker!

In 2016 I awoke to a status saying that I had taken the win for the yearly Song competition. I was confused because I hadn't made a song, I just uploaded a video the day before spitting bars on some shit quality camera and he gave the win to me from just hearing that! Previously people would all make a song the same beat and he would pick the best so I felt very privileged. Massive respect for Grevis when I toured with him for his Perth and Bunbury shows along side Paulie P, Shaker and my man Uncle Sam. We did the Bunbury show first then the next morning rushed back to Perth all in ruins from the ethanol - fun, fun times.