Opening the Electro/Hip Hop Movement Flood Gates with MC Frame

Merging hip hop and electro music these days is not uncommon. It is however rare seeing the movement in Australia. Trap music is being brought to the forefront with Melbourne MC Frame with his latest release ‘Without You’ which is a future-bass trap love song.

We sit down with Frame and talk about the introduction of trap music in Australia, how having a different spectrum of music influenced him and the inspiration behind ‘Without You.’

What are your thoughts of hip hop and electro merging together?

The two genres together is something I feel can genuinely define the sound of newer artists’ in Australia are moving towards pushing, I definitely see potential for it to grow into something that can make waves internationally. 

Your latest track is about love, was this inspired by someone?

My song 'With You' although inspired by a particular girl, it is also a reflection of many others I've had. 

Your influences range from different artists’ with completely different genres, how has that effected your music?

I feel having a broad spectrum of music that influences your own is crucial to developing range as an artist creatively. Certainly helped mine. 

Tell us what the LVME DEMO project is about.

LVME is a representation of all the thoughts and emotions I went through trying to love this person and in the process off that learning to 'LoVe ME'

What is the noticeable transition that you have see in hip hop from Australia?

I think since we've had artists like 360 and Allday really push the ideas of what and artist can creatively do in Australia. The flood gates have opened and artists are finally starting to realise that there truly are no rules to making art. 

<a href="">LVME DEMO by Frame</a>

What’s next for you?

What's next for me is to really focus on my debut EP which will creatively challenge me further but also really define Frame. I also have a heap of singles to drop in the mean while. 

What stimulates your soul?

What stimulates my soul is contributing to the positivity that the world needs and living my life without killing or harming a soul.