5 Things Ash Shakur Does To Never Feel Alone

MC Ash Shakur dropped his latest reflective jam ‘Never Alone.’ The track oozes shiny elastic synths and jingling percussion. The playful rapper is an experimental musician, illustrator and all round creative from South London with a strong DIY ethic which chimes through across all his content. Known for a soulful and positive approach to hip hop, musically he combines old and ‘nu skool' sounds with a lyricism that blends social commentary with personal goings on, often tackling sensitive topics in an uplifting manner. 

We sit down with Ash and find out what 5 things he does to never feel alone are. 

1. Making my mother draw stuff

I like to see her ideas and bring some of those drawings to life on fabric or a bag for her, she would love that. She's busy so it's fun to catch her and get her to do some art.

2. Hit the gallery 

I'm always going to galleries and exhibitions in London and when I travel aboard it's good to some new work that could inspire me to create something new and see things from a different perspective. 


When you're up early in the morning and late in the night working on new designs the hours move every fast it keeps the mind occupied.

4. Good food and drink

Good food and drink will keep anyone busy haha but not to much as too much of anything isn't a good look. I do like cake!

5.Great music

Great music can make you dance, think and feel all types of different emotions. It's the answer to some of our issues we relate to the songs we listen too and have that connection too.  Sing the chorus of your favourite song and dance like nobody is watching that will never make you feel alone!