5 Things You Need To Know About RnB Newcomer Kymie


Smooth RnB singer Kymie hails from Sydney and she's just released a new single ‘Deeper’. In this single she goes completely raw and strips bare, expressing her emotions in a vulnerable way. We decided to sit down with Kymie as she gives us the low-down of how Kymie is. 

1. At the age of 3 I started to play the violin, that was the first thing I ever did musically. Then I went on to the piano at 8 and after that singing when I was 12! Still to this day I ask myself why did I want to play violin at such a young age!

2. Where I make music is basically a house with 5 bedrooms and every bedroom is a music studio. There are two labels under the same roof, Bodega Collective and Mozaick Records. and not only is it a studio it is a creative hub, there are videographers, graphic designers, fashion designers, music engineer, producers, vocalist rappers. Literally everything creative resides in the one house.

3. I am completely obsessed with Oreos so much so I have an Oreo blog on Instagram, @oreogirlworldwide. in America they have the most craziest flavours of oreos, almost any flavour you can imagine they have! I'm talking red velvet, peanut butter, cinnamon bun, birthday cake, mint choc, blueberry I have tried, So when i went to Hawaii I literally brought back half a suitcase full of Oreos, although i love trying new flavours my favourite will forever be the Australian OG Oreo, just the original flavour! 

4. In 2016 i sang the South African Anthem for a Cricket test match down at the Adelaide Oval. The match was between South Africa and Australia, I performed in front of approximately 50,000 people and it was broadcasted all around the world. The South African anthem consist of the five of the most spoken languages in SA, Xhosa, Zulu, Sesotho, Afrikaans and English. I don’t speak any of those languages so I had to learn them from scratch it was an amazing experience to date that has been the biggest performance I have ever done!! 

5. In year eleven I was asked to audition for a school play at an all boys school to play a young English boy! I had never acted in my life before but I thought why not and turned out to be yet another segway into my increasing passion for performing and music.

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