Getting to know New Zealand outfit Raw Collective

Raw collective.jpg

The talent coming out of New Zealand has been undeniably rising, especially in the soul and hip hop scene. So it was no surprise to us when we first heard New Zealand 12-piece outfit Raw Collective and was instantly blown away. The band effortlessly fuses hip hop with multiple genres, creating an atmosphere that we cannot escape from.

We sit down with the main man Raw about how the collective got together, how he thinks the NZ scene is trumping Australias and what to expect from their upcoming album ‘For The Ancients’ due to drop 25th May. 

How did you manage to get a big collective like this altogether?

Well, it was never supposed to be 12/13 people, but we were asked to put a band together for a festival show. We then collected different singers, rappers, horns over the months and created this organism.

Who influences your band?

Because we are all from different genres and backgrounds, we influence each other heavily, constantly learning new tricks. There would be 100 bands that have influenced us, Jazz, hip-hop, rock, blues......Our lyrics are inspired by books and documentaries, science, history, cosmos, and our own life experiences.

Who are your favourite artists' in New Zealand at the moment?

DharmaRat, SWIDT, Richter City Rebels, Tunes of I and Fat Freddies Drop. 

NZ vs Australia, who do you think is better at killing the music game? And why?

Now that we're on a Sydney based record label we have noticed Aussie has a huge, talented music base, just as good as anywhere. New Zealand is small but manage to pump out enough world class bands to keep us on the international stage.

If I had to pick an album to take to a desert Island, between only NZ or AUS compilation, I would go NZ, because that's our culture and music influences. 

Your new single ‘Waterproof Coat’ is about metaphorical journey through the ego, what's your alter ego?

I guess the video displays best our alter ego, collectively, with bottles of tequila and whiskey, big joints, playing loud music and having a great time partying.

What's coming up next for you guys?

We have our album release show on May 25th. We've been recording this for years and very excited to finally release it! So expect to see us live around New Zealand, and later on, through our Label 'Fight Music' and the artists involved, a Aus/NZ tour. And of course heaps of videos and action to release online, follow our Insta!