Brags Boogie Tells Us 6 Things He Needs For A 'Good Life'


South London rapper Brags Boogie has shown us his versatility when he was in Channel U’s super group Nu Brand Flex before pursuing a celebrated career in professional football. The rapper is on a constant journey to create revolutionary music, today he remains as thorough and applied as ever to evolving and spreading UK sounds.

The rapper just dropped a new single ‘Good Life,’ and it was written in honour of the birth of his eldest daughter Yaya. So in light of that we decided to ask him what he needs to have a good life.

1. Wealth

Wealth allows myself / family not to stress over bills or debt and enjoy the finest things in life.

2. Health

Health without it, wealth isn’t so important. Also much more valuable than wealth.


Love, is a complex emotion which enables me to believe in trust.

5. Peace

Peace, allows me be at ease and also adds value to my health.

6. Compassion

Very last would be compassion, compassion is the way of Life, especially in the world we live in today.