Top 5 Things You Should Know About RnB Singer TOYA NASH


Dallas native TOYA NASH possesses a wily duality, infusing her innovative and untamed productions with her classically trained mezzo-Soprano.

Her Pop infused R&B falls somewhere between the sassy sting of Tina Turner and fearless lyrics of Kelly Rowland, bringing the essence of classic soul divas into the modern musical landscape. We sit down with the artist and get to know 5 things we should know about her.

1. I’m from a large family, and am the fifth of six kids.

2. I’m an absolute organisation freak! Organising and cleaning relaxes me. Being neat and tidy brings me joy.

3. I still love Mickey Mouse. He’s highly underrated.

4. I love jewelry! Large, bold and maybe even weird-looking rings are my absolute fave! You’ll typically find me wearing one in every singing performance

5. Small noises bother me. Wanna get under my skin? Click a pen incessantly for absolutely no reason, then run because I’m coming for you, lol!

BONUS: I firmly believe that I can accomplish anything my heart truly desires.

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