Getting to know Sydney singer/producer Chunkyluv


Emerging Sydney singer/producer Chunkyluv has recently entered into the music world with his single ‘Peacock’ featuring Sydney MC Mateo X. While he’s background of producing was house music, he steadily made the change into hip hop/soul and RnB but not limiting himself to the genre. Instead making what’s right and allowing his creation to go with the flow. 

We sit down with Chunkyluv and talk about his uncanny look-a-like of Action Bronson, what his single peacock came to light and the reason behind the name Chunkyluv. 

You just released a new single, why the name peacock?

The whole vibe for the track was about being yourself and not caring about anything and when Mateo X went through his verse with me as soon as he said pea-cocking I didn’t even hesitate and said,“Yeah, that's it track is called peacock.”

Who inspires you?

There are so many but my main would be Kaytranada, Carlos Santana, Timberland, and Pharrell.

Could you tell us how you came up with your name?

I was working as a bartender in Sydney and during one of my opening shifts I had my own playlist playing so I could get in the mood for the upcoming service, my first song came on and another worker heard it and said whats this? I said it was my track and he said thats super chunky thats some #chunky love right there! I was wrapped so Chunkyluv was born.

Has anyone ever told you, you look like Action Bronson?

Basically once a week! F**k thats delicious is dope love the show.

What's next for you?

I spent most of 2017 putting tracks in motion and collaborating with a lot of different artists working in different genres so I've got a few tracks finishing at the moment hoping to steadily release them throughout the year.

What stimulates your soul?

Music, booze and food! Any of those with some dope company and nothing else matters.