Top 10 Travel Tunes by Indie Soul Artist Lui Hill

Jaro Suffner

Jaro Suffner

Travelling musical stranger Lui Hill has bounced into the soul scene with his latest single ‘5000 Miles.’ So naturally we asked him to compile a list of his top 10 tunes to listen to when travelling. 

Too High (Stevie Wonder - Innervision) 

The album, ‚Innervision' has been part of my life since schooldays. When I hear it, I see myself riding my bike up the steep hill, out of breath, being late for school. I didn’t like school very much, but it alway gave me strength and a positive feeling to listen to. Especially the song ‘Visions.’

Red Eyes (The War On Drugs - Lost In The Dream) 

This is the perfect song for a car or train-ride through foreign landscape.

The song seems to grow and change slowly like a landscape you’re looking at. 

The Clown (Maribou State) 

Great song from an even greater Album. It’s been on my playlist for a while and doesn’t seems to wear off.

Santa Fe (Beirut)

The sound of this band creates immediate travel lust. Never been to Beirut or Santa Fee but one day I will. Discovered the Band in Barcelona.

I’ll Remember April (Johnny „Guitar" Watson) 

He’s my hero, the initial spark of why I became a musician.

My first record and my first concert. His music is home to me where ever I go. This record is a very special one, because Mr. Johnny "Guitar“ Watson plays piano on that one. Which well known pop-act sampled the first two bars?

Crystal Lion (Native Young) 

Amazing Band I met in South Africa beginning of the year.

Had the album, „King“ a lot of times on my stereo while cruising through Western Cape.

Pyramids (Frank Ocean) 

What a great album. I think I listened to Channel Orange for at least 2 years straight. This song is a journey on it’s own.

The Tourist (Chilly Gonzales) 

If things get too intense or you behave too much like a tourist. This tune might help.

Come Down (Anderson Paak.) 

Come Down comes up frequently on my playlists and the album Malibu accompanied me while traveling the past year a lot.

Music For 18 Musician (Steve Reich) 

This piece of music is a world of its own. And whenever you have too many mosquitos in your room and you can’t relax, just put on your headphones and start this 56min lasting tune and you’re gonna be fine.