5 Things You Didn’t Know About UK Rapper Craze 24

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With his roots firmly laid in the London streets, Craze 24 has had a fruitful rap career. Rising from foundational platforms such as Lord of the Mics and Channel U, he has since gone on to perform alongside the likes of Nas, The Game, Ghostface Killah, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes and Wu Tang Clan, being heavily documented and supported along the way. Craze has just dropped the visuals for ‘We Run The Roads’ which takes us to the stomping grounds of inner city London.

We sit down with Craze 24 and find out 5 stunning facts about the rapper.

1. I come from a large family

I have 15 brothers including Big Ven who featured on my latest single ‘We Run The Roads’ & many cousins including Stylo G, Sick Man & Taz to name a few.

2. Before I was called Craze 24 my nicked name was Crazy Yout

Growing up I so was fearless & brave & sometimes very stupid that my friends labelled me Crazy or Crazy Yout. I was that kid that didn’t know when to stop, which sometimes got me into a lot of trouble which could have easily been avoided. I used to love fighting growing up, the number 24 was not just my lucky number in my teens it was also the amount of people I had managed to knock out while sparring having ameuter boxing matches  & street fighting.

3. I once did 4000 press up in one day

After reading that Charles Bronson does 2000 press up a day whilst he was in jail, I decided to test myself & in 18 hours I managed a total of 4000 press ups.

4. I once smoked a spliff with Biggie Smalls after sneaking into a Tim Westwood event 

After getting refused entry for possessing fake ID we manage to sneak in through the back door event, lose the bouncers who chased for at least half an hour and end up in the VIP area with none other than the late great Biggie Smalls.

5. I get a brain freeze when I laugh

When most people laugh it decreases stress hormones and increases immune cell and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease. When I laugh out loud I get an instant brain freeze, you know that feeling you get when you drink a milkshake or ice cold drink to fast, that cold-stimulus headache, also known as brain freeze. Well that’s exactly what happens to me every time I laugh out loud.