Top 5 Things You Should Know About RNB Singer Dominique De Beau

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Amplifying a wave of pop and afro-fusion influences UK singer Dominique De Beau exudes a bold, sassy and fierce persona. To date she has released two EPs, first of which was her debut ‘Unforgettable’ seeing several of the tracks placed on highly streamed mixtapes alongside Jason Derulo, DJ Khaled and Kid Ink. The second EP entitled ‘Red’ featured the infectious lead single ‘All I Want’. However the one that caught our attention is her latest single ‘Ready For Me’, so we decided we wanted to get to know the artist a little bit more and find out 5 things about her that the world needs to know.


Many people ask where I am from my nationality - And whilst I am originally from Liverpool my grandfather was from Calcutta India and my other grandfather from Italy. So I am somewhat mixed (laughs) then there is my name which is French - De Beaufort I have shortened it for my music as my name Dominique is also quite long. It was just easier to make it shorter De Beau. So this is my artist name. 


I really love the piano it’s one of my favourite instruments I can’t play myself but would love to learn that said I can play the melody of one of the first songs I wrote. I literally love to play it whenever I am at a studio near the keys I play it.  It’s like my own little studio ritual.


As well as making music. I make clothes and love fashion. I have a small collection called Miss De Beau. On top of all that life is made even busier with my 10 year old boy. As all mum’s know they have busier social life’s than us so I am forever running him around.


In my spare time whilst I still love listening to some current music like J Cole & Drake I also love to listen to opera music. My favourite one is Giovanni. 


I am not that great at getting myself down the gym so instead I take my dog Minnie for long walks. I have a lovely park very close to my apartment so it’s all nice and easy.