5 Things You Need To Know About Dizzle AP


He’s the new kid on the block that needs no introduction. Dizzy AP has been coming through with some weighty solo drops and collaborations with artists such as Benny Banks and BBK’s Jammer, he’s a shellers on the mic and dripping with energy, confidence and lyrics to match. Spinning different genres, tempos and deliveries, Dizzle AP releases his remarkable and impressive 5 track EP ‘Silver Lining’.

We sit down with the multi-talented artist and discover some interesting new facts about him. Read it below.

I was a potential model when I was young

When I was 12 years old I had been entered into a fashion show with my younger brother. Growing up my younger brother was a music producer.

My family had entered me and my brother into a competition, I remember we were supposed to walk separate ways at the end of the cat walk but my brother followed me.

I could have been a footballer

I played semi-pro football for Luton town football club.

I used to be one of the best footballers at my age but life got the better of me and I had seen friends go professional.

I had donated Easter eggs to the children in L&D in 2017

For Easter I donated around 200 Easter eggs to the children in Luton & Dunstable hospital. This had been picked up and mentioned in the local newspaper in Luton.

I nearly drowned as a child!

In year 7 I nearly drowned. I was in the deep end and could not tred water. I tried to go back into the pool but they would not allow me, I had to stay in the shallow end after that and to date cannot tred water.

Instagram helped my music career

I collaborated with Jammer from BBK through Instagram.

I tagged Jammer in a post by chance and he had seen it. We then linked up to create the Banger known as ‘Wave & Jagga’ which was on his mixtape ‘Are You Dumb’ since then we have made loads of tracks together.

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