Duo 'Violet Houses' On Creating A Safe Space For Non-Binary Artists'


Engaging and captivating new kids on the block ‘Violet Houses’ have shook the music industry with their fun house mirror take on hip hop. Fusing pop hip hop and colourful beats ‘Violet Houses’ expose the silliest, strangest and most fanciful parts of their own selves in debut EP ‘Aliens Aliens Aliens’. The duo are a collaborative project formed by Melbourne rapper and producer Fresh Violet and Brisbane multi-instrumentalist and producer Card Houses. We sit down with them and chat about creating a safe space for non-binary artist, their influences and more.

Who are Violet Houses?

FV: Violet Houses is the hybrid artistic vision of Fresh Violet and Card Houses. It’s a place where anything goes and we often try and out weird each other.

CH: Kinda like us, but through a funhouse mirror.

What more can we do to allow non-binary artists’ have a safe space in the music industry?

CH: Really just having more visibility of non-binary artists in general? And I mean, that takes time and is definitely a team effort. But like, every time there’s an opportunity given to an nb artist, it helps audiences see and understand us. And I personally find that having that understanding is one of the best ways to create a safe environment.

What was the first song you danced to?

CH: Macarena, straight up

FV: I was a little baby ballerina 

How do you define your sound?

CH: It’s basically the fem rap version of Ween right?

FV: I love that explanation and endorse it heartily. 

Who are your influences?

FV: Dreams and nightmares and feelings

CH: I think Robert Fripp has a lot to answer for.

What other projects are you working on?

FV: I’m working on a follow up to ‘50 Shades of Violet’ which will be the next evolution of Fresh Violet. I would say Eminem crossed with Missy Elliott. We’ve got more ideas for Violet Houses as well.

CH: My next release is gonna be The Cardigans meets My Chemical Romance.

What stimulates your soul?

CH: Movies with ghosts, spaceships, robots and/or unrelenting emotion.

FV: Exact same. Plus karate.