Top 5 Indigenous Artists' That Influenced Dobby


Whilst every week is NAIDOC week for us, this week we decided to catch up with multi-talented Sydney MC /drummer/presenter Dobby. He proudly identifies as a Filipino and Aboriginal musician, and a member of the Murrawarri Republic in Brewarrina, NSW. Dobby notes that although there is so much Hip Hop talent coming from his community, the following are Dobby's 5 Top black/indigenous rappers that have greatly influenced him. Keep your eyes peeled on Monday as he drops his new single 'My Mind'. 

Nay Wenitong (of The Last Kinection)

Nay's distinct voice and fierce approach on the mic is amazing. Her lyricism is always true to herself and she brings energy to the stage! I started listening to her as The Last Kinection, and soon realised she was one half of Shakaya. Such a talented and powerful musician.

Munkimuk (Renegades of Munk)

Mark Ross, the grandfather of Aboriginal Hip Hop, began breakdancing back in the earl 80's in Circular Quay, one of the first to do it in the country. He performed as South West Syndicate and later as himself, and more recently with his band Renegades of Munk. He's a mentor to me, and I respect him for being one of Australia's Hip Hop pioneers!

Baker Boy


A legend on the mic, on the yidaki, and on the dance floor! Baker Boy is a favourite of mine for such obvious reasons. His energy is incredible and paving new directions for us up and coming Hip Hop mob.


Briggs' 'Sheplife' album turned heads nationwide, and established a name for himself. He's inspirational to me, an artist who won't stop working. 


Jimblah is an incredible producer, rapper, singer and pianist. He approaches music holistically, and brings a warm and welcome soul to the stage. He is an amazing and lovely human!

Follow Dobby's musicial journey here.