5 Things Detroit MC MUNCH! Does to WHIP Himself into Shape in the Studio


Drawing on influences from various corners of hip hop culture, Detroit MC MUNCH! is making waves in the hip hop scene. He's just dropped his latest single WHIP! A track which sees the artist continue his clever and playful output which showcases his uniquely personal and uplifting bars, this time with more of a late night feel to previous tracks, perfect for both the Whip and the after party..

Aiming to use music as a tool to spread positivity and love, the young creative has always released music independently and on his own terms. So it was only natural we asked MUNCH! what he does to whip himself into shape. Pun intended. 

1. All Lights Off

All lights off, working in the dark helps me become more alive. When I record, I like to keep the lights off so it’s easier for me to close my and really translate the emotion in my lyrics. Sometimes I’ll spend days on end at the studio and eventually I’ll just keep all the windows closed and lights off so I can stay in a creative zone  

2. Hydrate

Water needs to be within arms reach at all times. I drink bottles and bottles of water while in the studio to stay hydrated, keep my voice clear, and it keeps me from getting a headache during the late hours  

3. Sour Candy

There must be an abundance of sour candy (sourpatch watermelon, candy keys, etc...). I have a serious sweet tooth and love to have some candy around while I’m creating!

4. Set the Mood  

Candles, incense, & orange zig zags! What else can I say? 

5. Friends and Family  

Some homies to vibe with once the song is done. Getting a pair of fresh ears in the studio after a long session is key considering I’ve listened to the production countless number of times. Usually I’ll just call up some friends to come thru and vibe on what we made the night before.