Top 5 Australian Artists That Inspire Hip Hop Duo Headlines

Headlines Press Shot.jpg

Hailing from Melbourne, hip hop duo Headlines consist of rapper Aye One and rapper/producer Dstnce. We sit down with Aye One ahead of their EP launch at 303 Northcote in Melbourne. Aye One tells us about their top 5 Australian artists’ that inspire them who also happen to be playing at their upcoming gig.

1. Headlines

If it wasn’t for my homeboy DSTNCE pushing me to write and rocking up to jams with fresh as fuck beats and ideas, I’d probably still be chilling getting stoned in my garage. This guy has only been producing tunes for a couple of years now and the caliber is so high it continues to drive me to be and do better. I feel we both push each other in a really positive way and any differences we have seem to make us stronger as crew and as mates. Our good mate Teeps was so keen to jump in he is now our full time DJ and hype man. His support is so strong that it inspires me to work hard so i don’t let him down. He’s a testament to why we want to take our music and show to the next level. You are a product of your surroundings so if i keep myself around these guys i think ill always be inspired.

2. Gutcuttaz  (Gutz & Paypercutts)

When These 2 legends combine, you know things are going to get hectic. Gutz is one of the most street rappers in the Australian music scene. Weather its a story telling tune like "the flats" or ripping through grime bars, the rawness and energy cut through loud and clear. Dj Paypercutts has been spinning wax for the last 15 years, cementing himself in the hip hop scenes of Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. His classic mixtapes like "the overproof mixtape" stayed in heavy rotation in my cars cd player for months on end, and the two of them together on stage is something not to be missed.

3. Nehi and Ben Binary

Man if the terms "area famous" and "hood rich" could be transformed into an actual person then Nehi would be that guy. And when people call djs button pushers well ben binary takes it to a whole new level, shredding live beats on the MPC during their set. When those two linked up in Melbourne it lifted each of their games tremendously and the chemistry and groove they produce together is electrifying.

4. Mono

The first time we saw mono was at the "can i kick it" open mic night and straight away we knew he was one to watch. His hunger for the mic and to freestyle is infectious and has a serious rub off effect on us both.

5. Oddsox

We first met Oddsox when we were supporting a rock/rap band in a small venue in Brunswick. He was the only other rapper on the bill that had his shit together and was funny as fuck. Not many people can blend comedy and rap and do it well but this guy kills it.

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