Getting To Know Unstoppable Artist Kirrah

Kirrah 2.jpg

Sydney-based powerhouse of a voice Kirrah has merged into the scene with passion and groove with her new single ‘Fallin’. Whilst it’s the early days for Kirrah, the Soul/RNB/Pop singer has already garnered a beautiful following showcasing that she is a force to be reckoned with. 

We sit down with Kirrah and chat about her passion for music, why we should celebrate falling hopelessly in love and about her new album due to drop later this year. 

You have such a powerful voice, where did you train?

Thank you! I grew up singing in church and at home with my family, gotta sing loud so Jesus can hear ya know?

You also did musicals as well, what was that like?

Musicals are such a stimulation overload for me because it's just doing all the things I love at once, combined with working against extremely talented people is always a treat.

'Fallin' is your latest single, could you tell us a bit more about what it is about?

I'm a loud-and-proud hopeless romantic so it celebrates falling for someone new, even when you didn't think you would/could. Enough of the sob-story, break up songs, being able to give yourself completely to someone is great and insane and worth it.

You're also about to release an EP/Album, could you tell us what to expect?

I cover a few different versions of me on the upcoming releases - pop, hip hop & electro/house can be expected. I have so many musical flavours and experiences influencing my music so it'll be a big delicious omelette for your ears!

Which Australian artists' are you digging these days?

Ruel is too talented for his young age, definitely vibing some of his recent tracks, and Genesis Owusu is certainly some one to look out for, he's coming up fast and crazy talented too. Watch out for the young ones!

What is the one song that you fell in love with that made you become a singer?

I grew up listening to Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson so either ‘Isn't She Lovely’ or ‘The Way You Make Me Feel.’

What Stimulates Your Soul?

Passion for anything. I will always have time for people that are passionate about what they do - whether it's serving coffee, helping people or singing their heart out. There is way too much fear of the unknown stopping people from doing what they truly want to do but the risks and downfalls it might take to be happy is so worth it.