Lyric Michelle Shakes Up The Industry by Lyrically Empowering Women and Spitting Fire


Emerging empowering MC Lyric Michelle has shaken up the industry with her outspoken words and inspiring lyrical content.  In her latest release Lyric Michelle stands up for the black woman in her gripping new single ‘Boot Straps.’ Known for fusing southern charm, a touch of poetry and a blast of ferocious lyricism, Lyric Michelle is pushing boundaries and opening doors for emcees.  Winning Houston's Album of the Year and B est Lyricist awards from the Houston Press with the release of her 2016 critically acclaimed album MissDirection , Lyric is fast becoming recognized as one of the leading rising artists from the South. 

We sit down with Lyric Michelle and chat about obstacles with black women face today, the support or lack thereof of black women in the music industry and her advice to women today. Margaret Tra writes.

What do you think are the main obstacles for black women today?

That's a loaded question (laughs). I could tell you about how women of other races benefit still from characteristics that were deemed unattractive in us and I could go on about the incarceration rates and how sexual violence directly corresponds to that problem in a multitude of ways but, simply I'll say if you take all of the pain and the strength of the women in the #Metoo Movement and compile it with the fearlessness and unapologetic will of the #blacklivesmatter movement and then you will kind of understand some of the obstacles for black women today. But the main obstacle, I think is the fact that both these movements that took over the world were created by black women and we don't even know their names.

Is it harder especially in the music industry?

I'd say so but I can only speak as a black woman so all I can say is that its hard. But the music industry is a different beast. It's been what? 20 years and Janet still cant go to the Superbowl. She was banned because a man exposed her breast.... that man just made his second appearance .... So it’s pretty fucked up all around. I don’t know if the music industry makes it worse or not.

What rappers are you digging today and why?

I love J.cole and Kendrick, but what lyricist doesn't (laughs) other then the goats, I’d say I'm really getting into Joyner Lucas, I've been dead sleep on that man, he can spit his ass off,

Your lyrics are very honest, does anything hold you back?

No. Nothing.

What would be your advice for other women out there?

First I'd say ignore that monkey brain that's constantly being fed by the world to tell you just how in every way you don't measure up. You are worthy to be loved, and that has to start with self. My advice would be to first, learn to love yourself, then learn more about the self that you love and then finally, know that you know thyself...go after what you want and never stop. Everything else will fall into place

What is the scene like in Houston now?

I think Houston is opening to new and interesting music maybe more than it has in a while. I really love the energy right now

What stimulates your soul?

Truth. Tell me you hate me, tell me you love me, tell me you admire me or tell me you want fuck me... but tell me the truth. Don't tell me what you think you or the world thinks you should say, don't tell me what's popular or what's trending... tell me the truth. You're truth and let the chips fall where they may.