Getting into the Vibe with Mike Akox


It’s been an amazing year for Australian Afrobeats/afropop artist Mike Akox, from selling out his own show, being the opening act for Jamaican reggae and dancehall singer Kranium in Sydney to having his most popular single Love Me reach 200,000+ plays of Spotify. Mike’s presence in the Australian music scene has been one filled with culture, highlighting the need to have Afro beats here. 

Mike is in his own lane, and his latest single ‘Her Vibe’ shows just that, it’s a mid-tempo Afrobeat single designed for the Australian summer. We sit down with Mike and talk about improving his skills, the first CD he ever bought and how the Australian music scene is as strong as ever. 

What Inspired you to get into music?

My uncle was a singer, so that kind of opened the door for me to get into singing. I used to perform his songs at school events. That’s where it all started.

Who are your influences?

Growing up I listened to Lil Wayne a lot. I also listened to Akon and Fella.

How do you think the Aus Scene is doing in terms of music?

I think the Aus scene is doing great. It’s a great time for music in Australia. I think we’re finally building a culture in terms of creativity and we’ve all come to the realisation that we can all build this together if we come together. I think it’s a great time to create music in Australia.

If you could improve on anything what would it be ?

Most definitely my writing skills and stage presence. I would say my stage presence because I’m very hard on myself in terms of performing because I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I want to give my all! Everyone that’s been to my show before knows that I give 120% ! It almost seems like every show is my last show. It’s crazy!

What was the first CD you bought and how did you feel when you heard it?

The first CD I ever bought was Lil Wayne’s 2004 album “Tha Carter.”

What other projects do you have coming up?

At the moment, I can’t really announce anything. I have some finished projects and some still in the making. I’m always creating so there’s always music to put out, but it’s all going to happen at the right time. At the moment I’m just creating.

What stimulates your soul?

Being in the studio environment with a lot of creative minded people around me, that’s where I actually feel like everything’s okay. Nothing else matters but the music and the vibe.