Getting Lost In Rich Harmonies That Is Jazz with Zorsy


Sydney multi-talented artist Zorsy lives and breathes the beat of music. He’s latest offering ‘Insoulate’ encompasses his love for the streets of Tokyo, whilst also combining his love for jazz and soul, leaving you with a feeling of a never-ending journey. 

We sit down with Zorsy and chat about his love for rich harmonies that jazz creates, exploring different music genres and what is his favourite instrument to play.

What first drove you to make jazz music?

I’ve always loved the rich harmonies that jazz could create and the sounds of one placed against another to create a beautiful palette. For as long as I can remember I’ve been noodling on the piano and would often improvise, there’s just this freedom of expression in jazz that allows me to explore all those joys at once. 

You just released a new single, tell us about it

‘Insoulate’ is a ballad inspired by the late nights walking around Tokyo. I have been there a few times and would always feel safe going to a different jazz cafe every night to be serenaded by local musicians and international musicians in an atmosphere that felt like there was no pressure! It’s one of the very first tunes I ever composed with a band in mind as well.

Who is your favourite artist that you aspire to?

Ahh my answer to this question changes as time goes on! My music explores many different genres even if at the moment it is still in the format of my regular quartet. If I were to pinpoint one or two artists at the moment that I aspire to at the moment it’s Rob Araujo and Anomalie, who make piano centric beats with an electronic flair… My music may not appear to reflect it right now but they are massive influences. 

How many instruments can you play and which is your favourite?

I play piano primarily, but had classical teaching on organ as well for a few years. apart from that I dabble in the rhythm section instruments: drums, bass, guitar but I’d never really make note of that as a skill people would want to use me for (laughs). It’s more for aiding me in composition. Piano is definitely my favourite, but I really want to get into bass because for me I feel it keeps the groove together.

Have you ever used any unusual objects to create music?

Apart from this jazz fusion music i make, I’ve done quite a few film scoring and under Zorsy I’m still scoring for a video game! So I’ve definitely recorded my fair share of doors closing, wine glass shimmering, and footsteps using buckets before… but this is definitely a cool idea to bring live.

What stimulates your soul?

A groove that takes you away from your surroundings. Often ones that emerge as a direct contrast to what i’m currently feeling or hearing. It needs to take me away. That and Korean Chicken.

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