Pace Lists His Top 5 Soundcloud Rappers

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After consistently releasing music onto Soundcloud and finding his own unique style, trap/hip-hop emcee Pace recently dropped his debut EP ‘Hell Split Wide Open Vol.1’. With catchy beats and infectious flow, we thought it would be fitting to ask Pace to list his Top 5 Soundcloud rappers.

1. Eshi Avizodn

Shouts out My Brother from New Zealand, My first song a few years ago was with Eshi and dude has progressed so far. Always f##ked with my shit since the start so shouts-out Eshi.

2. Blank 

My friend from Phoenix, Arizona<3  just on some like Soundcloud pen pal shit, Bro is so talented and also just supported me since day one and genuinely influences my sound. I’m not even sure how we linked. Shout-out Toby Tesla too. Sleep Gang forever 

3. Solitaire247

The brother from Sydney. We got a song on the tape, bro went hard. I think dude is mad young, has so much potential.  He has a tape coming on the 25th of this month, so suss that shit! We going to be doing some shows later this year and shit. 

4. Nessly 

Because he is so fire and probably my favourite Soundcloud rapper if I could still consider him a Soundcloud rapper.  Every album has been so fire, bro should be crazy big. Freezing cold slaps. Love you Nessly.

5. Sin Santos

Shout out my brother Sin Santos from Melbourne. 613 shit, appreciate your support brother. Bro has a lot of heat coming and we got a bunch of new shit so make sure to Peep that.

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