Creating A Movement In Hip Hop With Trio Variations of Light

VoL shot 2.jpg

New kids on the block Variations of Light are like no-other. Compromised of Nelson Dialect, Alnitak and Nate88, the genre blending trio give us serious MF Doom vibes with a mixture of sultry soul, it’s clear that the Adelaide trio have shifted how we see music movement from Australia rise. Having just released their album ‘Lunar Beautific’ their collaborative substance is a blend of sample-based production and live compositions which together form a hip hop and neo soul influenced soundscape.

We sit down with the trio and discuss about the rising Adelaide scene, how they got together and how important their music is to healing. 

How's the hip hop scene in Adelaide going?

It is in a really great place. There is a strong younger community of artists who are making some really impressive music and all support one another. The live events and stage performances we all share is inspiring. Adelaide has always had super talented artists and movements that can get overlooked in the Australian music scene to the bigger cities but I think it is a testament to the younger acts that make their movement in a city where it can be difficult, especially as a young person, to be encouraged to follow an artistic path in life.

How did VoL come together?

Myself & Nate88 have been friends since kids and myself & Alnitak have been making music together for a few years. We just would hang out and jam and originally Nate was giving Alnitak piano lessons, then Nate played on some of our other records. Over time we would just jam together in the studio and this is how VoL was formed.

Have you ever had any conflict of interest between you guys?

Usually just which vegetarian restaurant we are going to eat at after the studio. Sometimes there are some different thoughts on direction of songs or arrangement but it’s not so much a conflict of interest, that’s just collaboration. We all get along really well & I think Nate is the super mellow mediator of the band who can manage when Alnitak or myself are in some unreasonable mood. (laughs)

What inspires the sound you guys make?

Family, healing with music, hardship, community building, searching for something more. Fringe science, mainstream science. God consciousness. Other musicians pushing sounds. Our friends making music, the usual.

Who are your influences?

The things in the question above. Musically we share similar interests, Nate definitely the soul/hip hop aspect Stevie, Erykah, Dangelo, Terrace Martin. Same as myself but also artists like Shabazz Palaces, Earl Sweatshirt, Ariel Pink, P Funk, Ray West, Roc Marciano are big inspirations. And Alnitak similar who really is inspired by Madlib and other producers like Dibiase, Mndsgn etc but also he has backgrounds in Shoegaze and hardcore so I know a big influence for him is a band called Autolux.

What's next for VoL?

We have some different projects coming out on our label Bleu Avian. All that branch from VoL. A new tape from myself & Alnitak. Then Nate & Alnitak have some projects together which is more instrumental hip hop and house spectrum. Then another VoL release will take shape as it comes together naturally. We hope people tune in to our movement and what Adelaide has bubbling.

What stimulates your soul?

Service to others.