Top 5 Rappers That Influence SoundControl & Makia


Fresh off releasing their latest addictive EP ‘Acid Reign,’ Virginia producer SoundControl and rapper Makia have teamed up to bring an incredible project. Whilst relatively new to the scene, the duo give us Chance the Rapper vibes championed with experimental hip hop with a dab of trap. 

We decided we wanted to get to know the eclectic duo and we decided to ask them what their Top 5 Rappers That Influence them.

1.  Kid Cudi

In our eyes, Cudi is in many ways an embodiment of what we aim to do and accomplish in terms of a sonically blending genres/styles. With standout projects like, “Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’,” “Indicud,” and, “A Kid Named Cudi,” he really embodies the type of IDGAF attitude that we embrace as artists.  It’s that vibe that helps push us forward, as the popular music landscape is always evolving, much like the creatives that give it life.  For us, Cudi is always a source of something new and interesting.  Sometimes even, “perplexing,” as we may not constantly vibe with all of the material at its core.  Nevertheless, the inspiration remains a constant.

2.  Drake

At this point, Drake is basically a musically machine.  He pops out hit after hit, without even really seeming to try very hard, and that is a testament to his to his phenomenal skill set.  Someone who can release material from creative spaces that range from projects like, “Take Care,” and “Nothing Was The Same,” to a collaboration with Future and an album like, “Scorpion,” has truly captured lightning in a bottle as well as the cultural zeitgeist.  His blend of hip hop, r&b, pop, and trap, is a major influence on how we create records (and fuels many of our artistic conversations in general).  His impact is undeniable, whether you love him or hate him, and whether you will admit it or not.  No taboos here.  Drake is one of the best to do it and his style definitely seeps into our creative process.

3. Pharrell Williams

What can we really say about Pharrell that hasn’t been said as of yet?  The man has had amazing longevity and collaborated with the, “gods,” of the music industry.  He is well respected and revered within many circles.  In many ways, he is, in a nutshell, what we aspire to be as creatives.  He possess a unique style that is almost always, “left of center,” while still making it work in terms of popularity.  Much of his material ends up being timeless.  He regularly pushes boundaries forward in terms of his aesthetic vision.  And he is from Virginia! (where SoundControl hails from).  Someone that is such a chameleon with regards to musical style, is without a doubt, a major inspiration to us.

4.  Kanye West

While it may be a bit, “uncouth,” to talk about Kanye West with such high esteem at this point, we cannot deny the impact that he has had on the two of us from a creative perspective.  He broke into the industry when people were constantly telling him, “no.”  Facing adversity as a style conscious “backpack” rapper seemed to fuel his meteoric rise to stardom and extreme creative highs.  Projects such as, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” “YEEZUS,” “The College Dropout,” and, “Graduation,” stand alone as pieces that could come from the mind of nobody else.  That type of individuality is an attribute that we look up to as a source of motivation.  They say that every genius is a little bit crazy.  This couldn’t be further from the truth with respect to Mr. West, and a lot of his material would be called “crazy” by industry “elites.”  Somehow, Kanye pulls it together in a manner that works time after time and regularly breaks down doors.  In addition to his music, the man has become a mainstay in the fashion world, which we both are striving to do on an individual level. “Yeezy season” will always be given a chance.

5. Jay-Z

Sean Carter is basically the ultimate hip hop artist.  Whether it is music, business, fashion, or general influence, the man seems to never slip up.  His albums are always dope and blatantly embody certain points in his life.  It is a constant mainstay in hip hop conversation to discuss which Jay-Z album is the best, and to be able to incite that type of debate says wonders about one’s discography.  His moves always seem to make headlines and he has consistently been able to rhyme with the most influential MC’s of the moment, no matter his age or stage in his career.  There is no mystery as to why his nickname is Hov.  The most important reasons why Jay sits at number one are because of his longevity and his ability to stay on the cutting edge of his own creativity.  The way that he meticulously puts his projects together is something to strive for, as it is key to never leave any stone unturned.  Perfectionism is key, even when one knows that it cannot be obtained.  Finding balance is essential, and Jay seems to have a keen sense on how to achieve this on a regular basis.  Inspiration personified.