R.A The Rugged Man praises Miley Cryus by rapping over her beats


While rappers have been hating on Miley Cyrus recently, MC R.A the Rugged Man did something different and decided to rap over a Miley beat praising the starlet for her controversial manner. 

The two together make an unlikely match, but R.A explains that she reminds him of her when he was younger. 

The result is an X-rated lyrical slaughter in classic Rugged Man fashion. While Miley may be the latest musical artist to use sex and controversy to her advantage, R.A. The Rugged Man has been pissing people off with offensive material for over two decades.

"Man, When I saw people being offended by a Miley Cyrus video I was like what kind of soft overly sensitive world do we live in, it’s Miley f***ing Cyrus. Then I watched her video and was like damn! Little Miley went there. This girl don't give a f***,”

“She reminded me of myself when I was young Crustified dibbs. I was like this little pop star doesn’t care about politics or making any one happy. People are so afraid of offending anyone, its like every celebrity is walk-in on egg shells. Miley does what she wants and I thought that was dope,”

“Then I heard the song and I was like this chick is making songs over late 80's hip hop beats like Public Enemy meets Beastie Boys on crack and heroine. I loved the music and it inspired me to flip some foul lyrics from my back in the day, degenerate style.  I really think it came out dope.”

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