Progressive Soul band Levingstone drop delicious new single ‘First Taste’

Sydney’s Progressive Soul band Levingstone are back with a killer new single ‘First Taste’ which is a teaser track to their upcoming EP ‘Modern Burials.’

"First Taste" is a trademark Levingstone tune - equal parts groove and melancholy, wrapped in a fusion of genres with a hypnotising melody to capture the soul. 

Written on the floor of an empty room in the band's new home, where the high ceilings "sounded like a church,” this lush sonic setting is evident in the song. With it’s sweeping guitar lines drenched in hymnal reverb, and the mantra-like repetition of the chorus. 

“It’s probably the most direct love song we’ve written - that mix of vulnerability and joy that comes when you fully surrender to someone, and let them become your home,” said lead vocalist Sammii Su.

Levingstone are also gearing up for an upcoming tour starting in Melbourne, Newcastle, Canberra, Sydney and Wollongong. 

The EP Launch will be held in Sydney at Oxford Circus on the 4th August 2016. 

Hailing from Sydney, eclectic five piece Levingstone is a band blurring boundaries. Inspired by a wide breadth of influences, their real sound comes from the fusion of personalities within the group. 

Pulling colours from jazz, neo soul, rock and progressive pop, Levingstone paints a picture that is all their own - each song a landscape richly inhabited by their unique brand of storytelling. 

Band members include Sammii Su on vocals, Jesse Johnston on guitar, Dominic Cabusi on bass, Chris Dutton on keys and Ryan Mooney on drums. 

Tour Dates

Special Guests TBA

Fri 8th - Sun 10th July // Bello Winter Music Festival // Bellingen

Thurs 14th July // Grace Darling (Upstairs) // Melbourne

Wed 27th July // Lass O'Gowrie // Newcastle

Fri 29th July // La De Da // Canberra

Thu 4th Aug // Oxford Circus (EP Launch Show) // Sydney

Sat 5th Aug // Rad Bar // Wollongong