Norwegian-Brazilian Charlotte dos Santos drops visuals for "Red Clay"

Norwegians have been killing the game! This time we bring to you Charlotte Dos Santos, whom is also half Brazilian. Her soulful and sultry vocals and latest visuals for "Red Clay" sets us on a journey and makes us reminisce to when we first listened to Zero 7.

Dos Santos released this statement on the concept of the video, "The complete metamorphosis from larva to a butterfly is one of the most spectacular transformations in the natural world. They completely remodel their bodies within the pupa – the caterpillar digests herself and creates her adult parts and when she is ready, she frees herself from the safety and warmth of the pupa inside the silky cocoon. By using the body as a canvas we are with this video reclaiming female bodies from a sexual gaze and looking at the transformation into womanhood and the emergence of a new awakening through a repeated cycle."

"Red Clay" is from Dos Santos's debut album, Cleo, set to grace us this spring via Fresh Selects.