Lord Folter - Kopf Aus Glas (Prod. by Philanthrope x Flitz&Suppe)

Hearing the knock on Lord Folter's "Kopf Aus Glas" (Head of Glass) may give you nostalgic feels, taking you back to how Hip Hop sounded like in 2005... at least for me it does. A tad jealous of our readers/listeners that can understand German, but it's all good... It's all in the feels when you click play!
"Kopf Aus Glas" is the first title from his upcoming album "Rouge," the mint production on the track is provided by by Philanthrope and Flitz&Suppe, keep in mind that they have also produced the forthcoming album at its entirety except for some guest contributions.
Stay "aufmerksam" (alert) for the drop of "Rouge" on hhv Records and Nyati.