Dafonk Releases a Funky new album ‘Heaven’

Funky French tastemaker Dafonk announces his fresh debut self-produced album ‘Heaven.’ 

‘Heaven’ lies at the core of Dafonk’s art, effortlessly fusing Soul, Jazz and R&B with smooth talk box harmonies and some delectably delicious horn sections. 

The funk is well and truly alive with features from Are MC from Seven Eleven the Funk band, singer Allonymous, Soul brother U-Gene and Funkwonder Jay Murphy.

Dafonk seeks to create sonic worlds for his listeners, bringing back the funk that we all well and truly love. His music suggests a nostalgic nod to his inspirations. 

‘Heaven’ is the second album from Dafonk which pays tribute to the one and only Purple Rain Prince who is one of his greatest influences. 

Dafonk is a French self-taught musician has raised the bar way up to pay tribute to Old School Funk and Hip-Hop. 

Only fifty copies of ‘Heaven’ is available on CD, orders can be made via Bandcamp.