Siki Daha Releases A Scathing Single Reflecting on What ‘Sydney’ Has Become

While Sydney’s musicians are drowning in what was once a lively city, Pop/Soul singer Siki Daha decided to release ‘Sydney,’ a song to reflect the emptiness of what the city once was. 

The track reminisces the vibrant city of Sydney and how everything changed once the government bodies trying to run everything. 

From the rainbow crossing, marriage equality, to lock-out laws and the lack of cultural diversity. Siki notes that its time we stand up and make a change. 

“In my own way I wanted to sing about this and bring this to light,” said Siki. 

“The cover of the single is to show a city drowning with the water flowing down, and not being able to speak up due to the constraints the government and councils have put upon us,” he said.  

‘Sydney’ is a teaser track from his upcoming 7-track EP ‘EMERSON,’ due to release in September. 

The song was written by Siki and three other writers and produced by Jarrod Bain.