Phoebe Day bares all with her latest offering 'Fading'

The delectable soul/jazz singer Phoebe Day is back with another soulful tune ‘Fading,’ a tune that shows Phoebe’s vulnerability. 

‘Fading’ was influenced by feelings of self-doubt and the overwhelming weight you carry and when you’re constantly questioning yourself.  

In the tune, the seductive soulful artist brings back her soothing delectable voice back with a vengeance. Giving us major Sade feels.  

‘Fading’ was written in a dark time for Phoebe, she was questioning whether the music industry was for her. She felt like she was literally fading. 

“At the time I was wondering whether music was for me and if I had what it takes to make something of value that people could connect to. There was a dark period I went through as a vocalist where I felt like I’d lost that connection with my voice,” said Phoebe.

“It didn’t sound the same to me and I didn’t feel the same when I sang. I wrote a bunch of horrible songs and was constantly judging myself. I wrote this song when I finally realised that I had to let those feelings go if I wanted to created something authentic and real,” she said. 

Phoebe is also set to release another single on the 2nd of October called “Without You.’