Premiere: Exclusive stream of MC Izzy’s Debut album ‘Snake Eyes'

Aussie lyrical legend MC Izzy has given us the honour of premiering his debut get on your feet hip hop album dubbed 'Snake Eyes.'

Hailing from Sydney, Izzy's passion for hip-hop aims to help, change, guide and improve people’s lives through the songs he writes and communicate life and hope to a greater audience. 

The first single, Strictly Underground which has production by DJ Maniak, is funky and gets us grooving with the hip-hop party track guaranteed to get listeners in the mood to nod their head. 

“The album is called Snake Eyes because the dictionary definition of 'Snake Eyes' is a throw of two ones with a pair of dice,” said Izzy.

“This represent the worst possible result and a complete lack of success. My music is about the continued battle between good and evil and the constant struggle within to rise up and move on, even when times are hard.” 

Izzy began rhyming at 16 in 1999 and during his career so far, has performed with KRS-One, Sevin, Bone Thgs-N-Harmony, The Dogg Pound, Braille, Propaganda, The Scribbling Idiots, Def Wish Cast, Brethren, BrothaBlack, Thundamentals, and Hyjak n Torcha. He has recorded tracks with US rappers Sevin (Reel Game) and Braille (The Knowing).

The album Snake Eyes releases on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play on October 9th, with pre orders available from August 28th. The singles West Sydney, Pain of Regret and Strictly Underground are available on all streaming services.

The buy-link for the album is here: