No Sugarcoating For Monalyse, She Keeps It All The Way 100 On "FWA"


Monalyse has a strong flow and spits razor bars on "FWA". Don't get cut, if you can't handle razors being thrown at you then this gem is not for you. Monalyse's storytelling skills over the boom bap beat produced by Blaaq Gold is perfection, a breath of fresh air.

The Detroit native is fed up with double standards when it comes to encounters with the opposite gender. She keeps it real and brutally honest (just how we like it) on the aspects of relationships, tough love, control, sex and most importantly self-empowerment. "FWA" short for "Fuck'em Wit An Attitude" gives off that 90s raw Hip Hop sound that we so much crave for nowadays. Not to compare, however, she does remind us of Lil' Kim in her prime but she strongly holds her own. "FWA" needs to be on the next season of Insecure, stat. Monalyse doesn't play, she got next!

You can listen to "FWA" below, while you're at it check her SoundCloud for more.

Instagram: @TheMonaLyse

Twitter: @TheMonaLyse