Atmosphere Releases Best Album Yet 'Mi Vida Local'

Atmosphere Mi Vida Local artwork small credit Dan Monick.jpg

Atmosphere returns with a seventh album ‘Mi Vida Local’ which reflects the ways in which the world–and Atmosphere’s place in it–have changed.

This album is different. The idyllic domesticity of the past few records has morphed into anxiety over keeping loved ones safe during turbulent times. Instead of bragging about backstage misadventures it’s about grappling with mortality. The easygoing collaboration between Ant and Slug has started to feel more like the life-or-death intimacy of two men trapped together on a lifeboat.

As the name implies, ‘Mi Vida Local’ is intensely focused on the place it was created–the southside of Minneapolis–where Slug and Ant work tirelessly in their “beautiful basements”, refining their sound without interruption.