The Vibe Release Intoxicating EP 'Dreamland'


Hailing from New Jersey East Coast, R&B/Rapper The Vibe has released an intoxicating new EP ‘Dreamland’.

Taking inspiration from The Weeknd and Juice Wrld, The Vibe reflects on the EP stating that being bedridden is how the EP came about.

On the single, The Vibe said, "A year ago I was in an accident and I was in the hospital for weeks and bedridden for months During that time I did nothing but think about music and what I would do with my life. This project of mine was inspired by the hardships I faced, and also the artists that I took inspiration from, including: The Weeknd, Juice Wrld and many more. I love making and listening to music I don’t imagine doing anything else when I grow up. I’m currently a college student pursuing my music passion.,”

“I like to have a lot of feelings in my songs because I want people to 'feel something' when they are listening to my music. I’ve always been into music as a child even though I denied it for a few years but it eventually came back and I found a part that had been missing. I have a what I’d like to believe smooth vocal technique which was inspired in my childhood and I’d like to believe that its been passed down from my parents."

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