South East London Duo Bad Honey Drop New Soul Ballad 'Somewhere Blue'

Bad Honey Press Image (Low-res).jpg

Bad Honey (Lydia Clowes & Teresa Origone) have unveiled a poignant ballad for the 21st century. Initially drawing inspiration from the documentary ‘Blackfish’ and examining the impact we humans have on other species.

The new single ‘Somewhere Blue’ soon connected on a more personal level with the need to escape from any situation that doesn’t make you feel at home. 

‘Somewhere Blue’ is about being lost and ‘delves into the feelings of living in a place you don’t belong’. With rippling synth melodies that mirror the track’s aquatic subtext, Lydia’s dulcet vocal treads delicately over a bed of electronic beats as she sings, ‘But do they know the truth of this? My hidden unhappiness’. This dizzying feeling of isolation is one shared by many, whether you’re ‘lost in a relationship, moving to a different country, or sometimes for no particular reason’, and there’s a certain comfort in hearing the same struggles sung softly back to you. Fusing their classic soul with a forward-thinking narrative, ‘Somewhere Blue’ is a refreshing, bold triumph. 

Margaret Tra