Egyptian-Australian artist Kid Pharaoh Drops Mesmerising New Single 'Gold In My Viens'

kid pha.png

Egyptian-Australian artist Kid Pharaoh has just revealed his mesmerising new single and accompanying video for ‘Gold In My Veins’ – both of which were produced and directed respectively by the artist himself.  

Led by the hard hitting delivery of Kid’s sharp cadences and thought-provoking lyricism, ‘Gold In My Veins’ is a brooding cut that slowly builds with its steadfast beats and deft production. Structure and dynamics are harnessed with finesse and each layer is carefully and meticulously placed. 

Kid Pharaoh describes the motivation behind ‘Gold In My Veins’:

“Celebrating my Egyptian heritage and its rich history has always been at the forefront of what I do, but ‘Gold In My Veins’ allowed me to do so in a way that let me explore a new lane of sounds I was yet to touch, inspired by the bounce and grooves of early 2000s Pharrell and Neptunes produced music I grew up with”.

Shot by Shaq Azhar in Wollongong, NSW, the accompanying music video features the Kid as the lead protagonist, playing an accountant in the office environment of ‘Pharaoh Financial’. The accountant comically analyses the expenses of a lavish filled rapper lifestyle, questioning its worth and dismissing its relevance by expressing "you gold in your chain, I got gold in my veins". 

Aggressive delivery and sharp lyricism paired with skilful production and energetic live shows have been Pharaoh’s driving force from the beginning; all while unapologetically providing a raw and unique voice for an underrepresented Arabic community in Australia.