BROTH3R Drops Off The Visual To His Latest Release 'Urge'


Best known for his altered cadence and layered lyricism BROTH3R drops off the visual to his latest release ‘Urge’.

The video is a somber explaining of the frustrations of chasing the American dream. The single represents the angst that occurs when chasing those dreams.

BROTH3R (Niagara Falls) boasts extreme philosophical meaning with his music. Enlisting a slew of entendres, metaphors, and similes alike, BROTH3R stands up to the current of rap music tried and true.

BROTH3R's music proves that not all lyricists are past their prime or behind the times. Using his diction and lyrical records, BROTH3R proliferates spiritual being, unifying the masses through his celebration of individuality. Truly a seasoned performance artist, BROTH3R has opened for Pouya, $uicide Boys, Montana of 300 and more.

Margaret TraBROTH3R, Hip hop, Rap