Premiere: Zeadala's Fresh New Single 'Your Hands' Feat. Mack Fyah


South-West Sydney based emerging MC Zeadala is gearing up to release her intoxicating new single ‘Your Hands’ tomorrow, which we have the honour of premiering today on SYS.

The track features Mack Fyah and is produced by Fermi. Zeadala showcases some effortless lyrical skills, using her poetry to heighten her sound.

On the single, Zeadala notes that the current institution is flawed and we need a change.

“The Australian disappointment and distrust of almost every national institution is at an all time high. This includes institutions of all kinds- government, business, the media and NGO’s and it’s not difficult to see why,”

“What can we do? Our flaky institutions encourage dispirited citizens and our political debates lose their energy, coherence and we end up with bad public policies. But we can make a change. Civil society, our majority, individuals, have the ability to create change,” she said.

On a personal level, Zeadala invites us to instead question systemic structures that makes one feel inferior, or less than. And for us to move from crippling self doubt and reframe it towards self belief, self love and a trust in one’s own inherent power. 

Zeadala avidly addresses themes of social inequality, politics and self-reflection in her works. The word Eadala itself is an Arabic one for justice- aligning with her desire to uphold fairness and honesty and challenge stereotypes through being a voice for women of colour who are under-represented in Australia’s media and music scene.

Listen the track below.

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