Danny Matos Opens up on 'Movin' On'

danny matos.jpg

The multi-talented NYC-based Danny Matos provides a new perspective on the heartbreak anthem with his latest single, ‘Movin’ On,’by dissecting and discovering the actual root of his pain.

While most songs about lost love will place the blame solely on the other half, Danny’s approach goes way deeper than that. Rather than simply throw a middlefinger at his ex and call it a day, the the burgeoning artist looks inside himself and realises that it’s his own sense of nostalgia and personal investment in the relationship that caused all the pain.

“‘Movin’ On’ is a tale of someone who feels that they’ve given so much, they don’t know if they’ll be able to actually get over this person,” Danny explains. “In those cases, you don’t realise that it’s not THEM you’re fearful of not getting over; it’s the investment you put forward and the person your mind created them to be.”

It’s a mature and refreshing take on a topic that, in lesser hands, typically treads all-too-familiar territory. And for Danny, it’s more than just an opportunity to unleash his inner demons, because he also gets to showcase his unique and wholly original perspective on life.